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Goji Berries! March 29, 2010

Filed under: Adventures of a Spaz — Elaine @ 2:43 pm

My desk, is, as always, a massive heap of unsorted paper and general detritus.   Well, let’s be accurate, here….my whole office is a massive heap of unsorted paper and general detritus.  Organization?   She is not.  my.  thing.

So, naturally, I am not enjoying putting my tax stuff together.  I mean, really…bank statements from last June?    I suppose they are in here SOMEWHERE.  Oooh, look!   A cookie!   Thank God for Demon Preservatives, it’s still good.    Mmmmm.   tasty.

Oh, CRAP.   As unpleasant as the whole sort/file/organize business was, it was not as unpleasant as it is now that I have spilled a mug of hot tea all over my keyboard and my lap.   Delightful.

Now, there are some stressful situations which can be soothed through yoga.   There are others that require the pleasant lift of comedy.   But, for days like these, the days that mix taxes and hot-tea-in-the-lap into a frothy Gazpacho of Suckitude, the only solution is……Yoga Comedy.    And so, with that in mind, I give you Ogden, the Inappropriate Yoga Guy.

For further adventures of Ogden, be sure to check out the series of films about Ogden’s adventures at Yoga Journal.


2 Responses to “Goji Berries!”

  1. Meowga Says:

    Have you seen the Yoganator, yet? (A YogaDork discovery, actually.) I snort decaf green tea through my post-neti-potted schnozz every time.

    • PranaMama Says:

      No, but now it’s on my must-view list! I love it when YD puts up comedy stuff…the “What Really Happens in Savasana” videos are what first hooked me on Dorkland.

      I confess to watching this video over and over, giggling every time Ogden takes out the bad guy with his over-dramatic Warrior II…..”YOGA, BITCH.” is the action-movie badass phrase I only wish I had the occasion to use. I already shout “Goji Berries” at random moments that seem to require levity….

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