A Spiritual Journey, Taken in a Cluttered Station Wagon

I’m not in a huff…I’m practicing Ujjai breathing April 9, 2010

Filed under: Deep Thoughts,Personal Reflection or Self-Absorption? — Elaine @ 11:08 pm

Sometimes, it’s hard to take our own advice. As a “note to self,” I copypasta my own words from a comment on YogaDork:

Each of us holds the exclusive power to define and measure who we are. There is nothing that another person can say or do that has the power to define you, to build you up or diminish you in any real way. The power to judge is in ourselves alone. We may strive for peace and stillness, but we are, at our cores, dynamic actors. We shape our own truth through what we choose to do and say, and in the energy we choose to pour in to our world.

Somehow, this philosophy is easier to live when dealing with total strangers. But, what do we do when attacked and judged by the people who are close to us, who are inextricably woven in to the fabric of our lives? I may be the picture of Zen-like calm when under attack from total strangers, but when the negativity originates closer to home? I fail.

So, Prana Mamas and Papas….tell me this….

How do you use your inner strength to stand up to bullies without sacrificing your commitment to non-violence and non-harm?


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